Cat-Proof Home Fragrance

bite cat

Zelda Weinberg-Rosenberg* is less of a cat and more of a Horseman of the Apocalypse. She has bitten me every single day since I brought her home from the Baltimore shelter four years ago. Not cute little love bites; we’re talking blood-drawing, scar-leaving, Baltimore-streetcat-PTSD chomping. Google says that she’s asserting her dominance, but I feel like after four years, dominance has been pretty definitively established. I GET IT, ZELDA. You are the alpha cat. Now can you please stop biting me? I kind of need that blood.

In addition to being a constant threat to my life, Zelda also poses a challenge to any attempts at home fragrance. Candles? She would have the apartment in flames before you could say “Diptyque Feu de Bois”. Reed diffusers? I can already hear the glass shattering. Even for less abusive cats, it’s probably best to avoid the more flammable/breakable methods of home fragrance. No surface is safe from their adorable little pawsies.

After extensive testing, I’ve come up with a few home fragrance options that are both cat-proof and a little more glamorous than drugstore wall plug-ins. These also work for dogs, babies, and other non-cat pets, probably! (Baby-owners, please report back!)

Room Sprays


The obvious solution! Everyone from Bath & Body Works to Frederic Malle has one. Juniper Ridge even makes cabin sprays, in case you happen to be the manliest person alive.



These range from Diptyque’s ceramic ovals to the beloved L’Artisan Parfumeur amber balls (gorgeously hand-crafted terracotta spheres filled with fragrance-infused crystals). The amber balls are a relatively high initial investment, but the crystals last up to two years, and the refills are pretty fairly priced. The claw-sized holes also make them a surprisingly good cat toy!

Incense Papers


At first glance, incense papers, which are intended to be burned on a plate or tray, are not particularly cat-friendly. However, Now Smell This has a few ingenious alternate uses: scenting drawers, pillowcases, or even fragrant bookmarks. Reminds me of the charming Jewish tradition of putting honey on a child’s first book to teach them the sweetness of learning.

Got any good cat-proof home fragrance strategies? I need as many as I can get! (How else am I going to distract you guys from all the cat hair in my apartment?)

*Zelda Weinberg-Rosenberg has a hyphenated last name because I adopted her with my college boyfriend. The boyfriend and I have long since amicably parted, but I can’t remember the password to her Facebook page, so Weinberg-Rosenberg lives on.

Disclaimers: This post does not contain affiliate links. 

4 thoughts on “Cat-Proof Home Fragrance

  1. This, I needed this for reasons of a certain plastic-chewing, acrobatic furry monster. When she isn’t planning the universe’s demise, Sasha proceeds to render every plastic, waterproof enclosure completely useless, knocking over anything in the way.
    Thank you, I needed solutions to distract my guests from the unbelievably awful stench of her box in our way-too-small SF apartment.

    1. Sasha is cute enough to get away with plastic enclosure murder. I wonder why there isn’t more in the way of litter box fragrancing- cat lady buying power is no joke!

  2. I guess there’s a reason Daisy calls her Hell Beast. Lol. I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have you. Many people wouldn’t put up with her alpha cat antics. You’re a very patient kitty momma.

    1. At the end of the day, I think I’m the lucky one! It makes such a difference to come home to a furry friend instead of an empty apartment. Besides, Zelda is my first non-turtle pet, so as far as I know, this is normal cat behavior! 😀

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