A Halloween Hello!

Do your Halloween plans involve being served candy and cocktails by a grown woman in a Pikachu costume? THEY DO NOW. Tomorrow, October 29th, we’ll be joining our Mosaic neighbors in giving out candy for Bootique from 4-8 PM.


I have seven massive bags of Nerds, because if I can get the next generation as addicted to Nerds as I am, we can keep them in production!

You know you want this.
I’ll keep you alive, Nerds. Whatever it takes.  

Friday, October 30th, is Arielle Shoshana’s own Halloween party! We’ll have cocktails and candy pairings for all of your favorite fragrances. (I found some weird candies, you guys.) I hope to see you there!

halloween party

2 thoughts on “A Halloween Hello!

  1. Sadly, can’t make either as I’m prepping for the gothic extravaganza that will be the Halloween cocktail party Saturday night. But if you’re inclined to bring any of that left over weird candy, I’m sure it will be most welcome.

  2. Pikachu!! I was riding our local (Vancouver) Skytrain one day and saw a very large Pikachu stuck to the inside of an apartment window — immediately thought of you.
    Hope you will be able to take/post some “Bootique” pictures.
    Now I have to go get some Nerds (never had’em).

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