Smell Good, Do Good 2.0!

smell good do good

Despite months of crystal-clear hints and your spouse’s/parent’s/cat’s noble intentions, the wrong perfume somehow ended up under your tree/menorah this year. You might be able to return it (hopefully your cat kept the receipt), or it might end up shoved to the back of your closet, alone and unloved. Smell Good, Do Good is here for you!

Thanks to your incredible donations and bids, the first Smell Good, Do Good raised over $1,000 for domestic violence charity Refuge. This time, Arielle Shoshana is collecting fragrance donations for Dress For Success D.C. All January long, bring in your unused, unwanted fragrances* to Arielle Shoshana and trade them in for 15% off your next purchase. If you can’t make it in, but would still like to donate (you mensch, you!), please contact us and we’ll happily cover your shipping costs via Paypal.

Dress For Success is a Charity Navigator 4-star rated non-profit. They provide professional clothing, toiletries, and career counseling to women in need. We all know how the right perfume feels like liquid confidence. Who needs that little boost of confidence more than someone heading into a job interview?

*Fragrances can be from any brand, but they must be unused! Dress For Success only accepts unused products.

7 thoughts on “Smell Good, Do Good 2.0!

    1. Oh, Portia! I am not a bit surprised that you’re the first one to volunteer. I gratefully welcome your donation- we are on Paypal at arielleshoshana @ gmail dot com. Any requests as to which fabulous fragrance you would like your funds put towards?

      1. Arielle, this is the kind of empowerment that should have been happening for decades. I’m thrilled to donate. This is life changing.
        We are currently talking Volupte on FFF Arielle. It’s inexpensive and smells great. Loads of yellow flowers on a lightly animal vanilla base. Anyone would feel dressed up in it.
        Also, how about a Lolita Lempicka Si Lolita? The bottle is fun and for a fizzy-fruit-chouli it is very nicely done.
        Can I send you the FragranceNet costs for these two plus shipping?
        Thinking it’s better to stay firmly mainstream so they don’t think I’ve bought them freaky poison smells.
        You can order and have it delivered to your door
        If this is a problem, please mail me. If I haven’t heard by lunch tomorrow I’ll send the money
        Portia xx

        1. Those sound like two absolutely perfect, non-freaky choices! Si Lolita is one of the cutest bottles in perfume history. But please, let us cover the shipping cost, Portia- it’s the absolute least I can do! Is Jin the “we” in this discussion? If so, thank you to both of you from the very bottom of my heart.

  1. Hi Ari, I definitely have at least one Pacifica fragrance still shrinkwrapped. I will mail them…you do no need to cover the shipping cost as the 15% off is already a gift in and of itself!

    1. Thank you so much for your generous donation, Hajusuuri! Pacifica is such a great choice, too- they always strike such a great balance between accessible and interesting. I’ll email you a 15% code right away!

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