Decant Stop, Won’t Stop

tea tin

When last we saw our decants, I had just discovered the Pinterest-y joys of candle jar storage. But, and I quote,

It’s still not a perfect solution; I have five minis (old-school Lush solids, a Le Labo Patchouli 24) that are both too thick for the smallest jar and too short for the medium jar.

In retrospect, tea tins should have been an obvious solution. The overlap between perfume and tea love is well-documented, and I go through tea a lot faster than I use up candles. Besides, Kusmi tins are too pretty to just throw away! And look how nicely those short-and-stout decants fit in travel-sized tins.

Let’s not forget the best part: if your decants outnumber your tea tins, you’ll just have to buy more tea.


11 thoughts on “Decant Stop, Won’t Stop

      1. He he He! I can send you some tea tins too. There are a bunch of them here, they were awaiting your fabulous idea. Even some of the Kusmi smalls.
        I did have a giveaway for Tea Towels a while ago and sent about 60 of them around the world to live in other peoples kitchens.
        Portia xx

    1. I’m ashamed to admit that finding this new use for the tins has made me a little more shallow- now I’m just as concerned with the tin as with the flavor!

      1. i have always had an obsession with tins of all kinds, so I have always been shallow when it comes to tins. πŸ™‚ welcome to the tin club!

    1. I bring home Kusmi from every New York trip, allegedly for my mom. This was the first Palais des Thes I’ve ever tried- what’s the next flavor I should try, J?

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