Currently 05/02/2016

Spraying: Eris Parfums Night Flower. My favorite of Barbara Herman’s Eris Parfums, which had their Sniffapalooza debut this weekend! All three Eris Parfums are solidly excellent niche scents, but the more-is-more spiced leather of Night Flower really captured my attention. Reminds me quite a bit of a cuddlier Puredistance M.

Wearing: Aquaphor. Red lipstick weekend = Aquaphor Monday.

Reading: Robert Repino’s Mort(e). The most compelling thing I’ve read in months! Fast, choppy writing style, jaded cat cops- what’s not to love? I actually made an indignant little squeak when I reached the last page.

And you?

Disclaimers: This post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. Eris Parfums sample was distributed at Sniffapalooza. 

4 thoughts on “Currently 05/02/2016

  1. Cat cops! I think I can understand your squeak. When I was reading Terry Pratchett’s young adult Discworld novel, the Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents I started to cry in one part. Maurice is a cat. The novel won the Carnegie Award.
    When I was looking up the exact title, I saw that Pratchett wrote a book of cat anecdotes with illustrations, The Unadulterated Cat. Going to have to look for that one.
    On NST one of the commenters who went to the DC meetup at your shop mentioned a wondeful cat book, (illustrated) but didn’t give the name. ??

    1. I can’t ignore such a great recommendation- The Amazing Maurice will have to be my very first Terry Pratchett novel! The mystery cat book sounds like Cat Lady Chic, which has a wonderfully broad definition of chic. I had to have it when I flipped to the page with Hillary Clinton and Socks!

  2. I wore the lovely Night Flower today too! It’s my favorite from the line as well. Sorry I missed your presentation yesterday. I have no doubt that you stole the show from the rest of the presenters. I am so proud of you!!! It was great seeing you this weekend. xoxoxoxo

    1. Scent twins!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words about the speech, S- at least I didn’t start shaking until the end! Mary from Puredistance went right before me, and I’m still awestruck by her poise. We need to hire her away!

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