Gorilla Perfumes All Good Things


I want to love you, Gorilla Perfumes. I want to support your whimsical bottles and your fair-trade policies. I tried my hardest to “succumb to this rich, sensual and smoky blend of all good things”, as ordered. And I do think that All Good Things is the best of the four new Gorilla Perfumes just released to the U.S. All Good Things is just a little too much of a good thing. There’s a lot of birch tar, and a lot of vanilla, and neither has any intention of backing down. It’s the sweetest smoky fragrance I’ve ever tried, and more than a little overpowering. Gorilla Perfumes’ own Vanillary handles the ratio of sweet to smoky much more smoothly, I think.

Not sure whether to file this under praise or warning, but the remarkable lasting power is definitely worth pointing out. Most fragrances last about an hour on my skin. Two hours is what I consider good lasting power. All Good Things was still going strong when I fell asleep a good eight hours after spraying it on. One spray! I cautiously applaud you, Gorilla Perfumes.

5 thoughts on “Gorilla Perfumes All Good Things

  1. I smelt this on a vegan friend who is a big Gorilla fan and it was surprisingly tame and well behaved. It may have been on all day, mind, plus I think she has perfume eating skin. I must get a spray myself next time I see her as I would expect it to be exactly as you found.

    1. Maybe it’s my decidedly non-vegan diet amping up the fragrance! I do like that the Gorilla Ps are vegan- although maybe most perfumes are at this point in the game?

  2. I ended up buying the travel spray about a half hour after testing it. Of course, my tolerance for sweetness in the form of vanilla is basically endless.

    1. There’s no doubt in my mind that you rock it! Isn’t it great that our local Lush got them? I was a little worried that they were going to be big city-exclusive, like the last round of Gorilla Perfumes.

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