If It Helps

I don’t have much to say about perfume the day after the worst shooting in American history. So I thought I would share the things that made me feel a little less scared yesterday. I hope they will be helpful to you as well. Please stay safe, my very dear friends.

Sprayed some Guerlain Apres L’Ondee (“after the rain”), and hoped for something better after the storm.

Signed moveon.org’s petition to ban assault weapons.

Forced my cat to cuddle with me. Here is a picture of her, if you find vicarious cuddles comforting.

4 thoughts on “If It Helps

    1. Narcissus, I deeply enjoyed your post, as I always do. I especially loved reading about the happy bubble that you and Duncan have been able to build for yourselves. We all deserve that.

      1. But then there would be no-one to live in their original cities!

        Thanks, though. It is an honour to have y’all on here (this is the only time I will ever get away with using your own catchphrase!)

        Hope to drop by your gorgeous looking boutique one day.

  1. Dear Ari,

    Thank you for your reminder that there is still warmth, gentility, graciousness and beauty in this world. See you soon,

    Take care,

    Kris Martin

    Sent from my iPad


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