Captain, My Captain

That’s my dad, with his Father’s Day gift/new signature scent, Star Trek Tiberius Eau de Toilette. It’s a pretty perfect match, since my dad is best described as Captain Kirk with a PhD.

Trekkie in training.

My father, the inventor of positron emission mammography, is a scientific visionary. He is also an immeasurably great dad. My dad has built every piece of furniture I own, including the cat tower.

Say thank you, furry grandchild.

He kept my 6th grade science fair project (penicillin-resistant bacteria) in the freezer for years, because he was sure it would earn me a patent someday. There has never been a single time that my dad was not there when I needed him. I am so proud to be his daughter.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Father’s Day. Live long and prosper!

12 thoughts on “Captain, My Captain

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Holly! I wasn’t sure if it was really proper blog material, but it DID involve fragrance!

  1. You’re dad is the best!

    (On a sidenote, my dad also kept my science fair project in the fridge for a while. Except mine was the third grade and it was bags of plasma.)

  2. How freaking cute is your Dad Ari? What a happy, handsome, honey WITH a sense of the ridiculous and handy around the house to boot.
    This is certainly part of where you learned to be so damn gorgeous.
    Portia xxx

  3. Ari,
    Great photo of your handsome, brilliant Dad and a wonderful story too!
    Also, I’ve been wondering about those Star Trek fragrances (Pon Farr, Tiberius, Red Shirt). Do you have a take on them?
    Azar xx

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to smell Tiberius so far- it was a very tame, mainstream-smelling aquatic sport fragrance. Not nearly as bold as its namesake! I still have high hopes for Shirtless Kirk, though!

      1. Ari! Your mention of Shirtless Kirk prompted a search for a review. I found one that referred to this frag as an “… educational toy” and “a very sexy block of cheese, with undertones of polyester and charm.” Another mentioned that it was “remarkably studly” and someone else smelled baby powder and vanilla. I also heard that it was discontinued. I am so confused 🙂
        azar xx

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