Bath and Beyond

As a kid, bathtime was storytime. Every bath was another episode in the rich inner lives of my Barbies, starring Little Mermaid Barbie, Spice Girls Barbies, and Headless Ken. (Well, Technically Headless Ken. I still had his head. I just couldn’t get it back on his body. Not sure if that’s better or worse.) I still take a bath almost every day after work, but Ken and his Barbie harem have since been replaced by a horrifying number of bath products. (Scented, of course!) My all-time favorites:

Lush Ickle Baby Bot


The cheapest Lush bath bomb, and therefore my constant companion in college. It’s not as strongly scented as many of Lush’s other bath bombs, but it does turn the water a very calming shade of blue.

Philosophy Senorita Margarita


I’ve been using Senorita Margarita since long before the legal drinking age; my first bottle was actually a bat mitzvah gift! A winning combination of sour and salty, this is for pre-big-night-out baths.

Bath & Body Works White Tea & Ginger Bubble Bath


Gone, but not forgotten! An excellent, high-bubble formulation in one of the best Bath & Body Works scents. I’m sure the other scents are nice too, but I’ll keep hoarding this one as long as I can.

What’s in your bathtub these days? Any favorite bath products that we need to try?

Disclaimers: This post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. All products featured in this post were purchased by myself, much to my wallet’s dismay. 

7 thoughts on “Bath and Beyond

  1. Sadly, only our guest bathroom has a tub and it currently houses Baldwin and Tiberias’ litter box. However, I’m super intrigued by the Hex Bombs that I keep seeing on social media. I want to fulfill my destiny of being Erzsebet Bathory.

    And I commiserate with the headless Ken dolls. It was the way they were constructed or something because all my Barbies were fine, but Ken kept losing his head. But Barbie was usually like some Film Noir Femme Fatale answering the door in her dressing gown when the local authorities came calling about the sudden death of Ken, so it was befitting. Isn’t that how everyone played with Barbies?

    1. I would expect nothing less than film noir barbies from our resident fragrant femme fatale! 😉 This is the first I’ve heard of Hex Bombs- clearly I’m following the wrong people on Instagram! I can’t wait to see Zelda’s reaction to blood red bath water! Baldwin and Tiberias seem like they would be equally intrigued.

  2. Ari,
    You have hit on one of my other addictions. Currently seeing most use in the bath are a Nesti Dante soap, LUSH Rose Jam, Bandit and Lolita Lempicka Shower Gels masquerading as bubble baths. I also use Rodox Bath Salts and in the bath oil section my faves are Blenheim Bouquet, Blue Agava & Cacao and Niki de Saint Phalle.
    This is the tip of the iceberg though.
    Portia xxx

    1. Goddess of the bath! The Lolita Lempicka body products are really magnificent. Do you have to order them online like us poor deprived Americans, or do local stores carry them?

  3. Your Headless Ken comment made me literally lol, because I had the exact same problem — except mine was Headless Beast, from Beauty & the Beast.

    Anyway, I usually use plain ol’ drugstore lavender-scented Epsom salts in the bath, but I’m intrigued by the that Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb. Believe it or not I’ve never actually been in a Lush shop before!

  4. Bath and Body Works Sugar and Fig ( or something to that effect….the name escapes me and I am too lazy to look) body wash has the most amazing scent….wish it wasn’t discontinued 😦

    and Jo Malone soaps and Atelier soaps are amazing as well….Orange Sanguine lasted me an entire summer so it is well worth the money.

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