I am a Johns Hopkins University Natural Sciences major named Arielle Weinberg. I write about perfume, Star Trek, and my cat.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ariel,

    I have only recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it; it’s witty, informative, entertaining, and just all around fun to read. I should tell you that my Jewish name is Zelda, but more importantly, your cat Zelda, is a dead ringer for my cat, Zoe. I will post a picture of her on my Facebook page so you can see and be amazed. Just had to share this with you!!
    Cheers and thanks again for a great blog!

  2. Hi Arielle,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I am a HUGE FAN! I just reblogged your “Perfume for Bitches” to my blog (Gin & Thomas) because I think it’s something people need to read! Reading your words (punny title to boot), and even the same template made me feel like I’d met a familiar mind across the internet 🙂 Thank you for your writing – I look forward to reading more of your words!

    Best regards,

    G & T

  3. Hello Ari: I’ve just read about you on Gaia’s blog. I’ve put your blog on my *Favorites* bar. I’ve just seen your newest picture and goodness! I am surprised you can wear any perfume. I have that kind of sensitivity with my nose and floral perfumes. But I also love Jicky!

  4. I’ve been part of the food blog community for more than a year now.
    If you scheduled it, it will publish on the day you scheduled it.

  5. Great blog, I’m not sure how I even ended up here (was doing some research on colognes), and then I came across your great writing style and ended up reading a few articles… lol! Anyway, keep it up!

    – Joe

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