Dailies 08/15/14 and Giveaway Winner

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Sorry for the recent lack of Dailies, y’all! I’ve spent most of this week dealing with $500 worth of fraudulent charges on my card. The shmuck didn’t even have the decency to spend it on perfume!

Daily Fragrance: Etat Libre d’Orange Bijou Romantique. I got a record-breaking three compliments on this yesterday, and today is still young. There’s something seriously knee-weakening about that sweet iris note.

Daily Lip: Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Cocoa Butter Lip Balm in Tangerine Lime. Meow Meow Tweet is my very favorite of all those natural, small-batch Brooklyn brands for their excruciatingly cute packaging and surprisingly reasonable prices. The balms are very waxy, and create a good barrier from the elements.

Daily Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The newest and funniest Zelda. Deeply satisfying gameplay and Nintendo’s usual killer dialogue.

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My random.org drawing selected the 14th comment as the Atelier Cologne Rendez-Vous giveaway winner, which was Knesia H! Congratulations, Knesia! Please email me to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!



Etat Libre d’Orange Tilda Swinton Like This

I have several imaginary celebrity friends. Tilda Swinton is the eccentric one. I like to pretend that we regularly go out for a pint in her hometown of Scotland. After a few hours Imaginary Tilda tends to launch into a terrific drunken rendition of one of Shakespeare’s more obscure sonnets, and then I’m all like “Oh, Tilda, you lovable mess” before driving her snoring ass home to her boyfriend and husband.

It would be just like this, but with less Brad Pitt.

When I heard that Tilda had created a perfume with niche brand Etat Libre d’Orange, I chuckled “Oh, Tilda, you absolute card.” Of course Tilda would subvert the celebrity fragrance paradigm by choosing the most audacious name in niche perfumery to create her perfume.

I find Etat Libre d’Orange Like This very curious, because I would not have associated it with Ms. Swinton. Like This is a very bright tangerine scent made syrupy by immortelle. I occasionally detect ginger, but unfortunately get none of the promised pumpkin note. This sort of thing really isn’t my cup of tea, but it doesn’t particularly strike me as Tilda’s either. I maintain that Tilda would have been best represented by a sharp green scent that captured her angularity, her otherworldliness.