Rochas Tocade

Tocade’s reputation precedes her. Long before I ever got my hands on that cheerfully ridiculous bottle, I knew her as That Slut Tocade. She earned that title from The Muse in Wooden Shoes, who declared Tocade “so friendly and affectionate that one imagines Tocade to be unable not to flirt outrageously with absolutely everyone (yes, everyone) she meets.” Much to my disappointment, Tocade didn’t flirt with me at all, much less outrageously. Rose-vanilla perfumes are traditionally warm, soft comfort scents (think Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose or Bulgari Rose Essentielle). Tocade, however, has a greenish floral aspect that keeps it cool-toned and somewhat reserved. She strikes me as more of a former flirt who has learned to be a little more careful with her affections. She’ll smile at you, but she doesn’t want to hold your hand. That’s just fine with me; I like a little standoffishness in a woman.