Royal Apothic City of Angels

I adore sour citrus fruits (lemons, grapefruit, passion fruit), but I don’t have much in the way of citrus fragrances. They never seem to capture the delicious bite of citrus fruits, and too often end up smelling like a cleaning product. Royal Apothic City of Angels is not a masterpiece of perfumery, but it is one of the few lemon-scented fragrances that I have encountered without that awful synthetic edge to it. City of Angels is a pretty, sparkling lemon scent that reminds me very much of the wonderful citron pressé drinks (lemon juice cut with water) that I had in Paris. City of Angels is light and has little depth, but that’s not unreasonable considering its $19.99 price tag. Not for the serious citrus connoisseur, but City of Angels could be a good choice for those seeking a simple, attractive lemon fragrance.