Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Like it or not, D & G Light Blue is a modern perfume classic by now. It’s been a best-seller for over ten years, which is freaking ancient in perfume years (perfume years are like accelerated dog years). My feelings on Light Blue were effectively summed up by a Hopkins senior who declared, “I love it! But I think it’s sort of too common now.” Light Blue is indeed ubiquitous. It is the third most-reviewed fragrance on MakeupAlley, with 1,245 reviews. But while Light Blue may be a common choice, there’s nothing common about the scent itself.

Despite the name, Light Blue is not particularly light. It has the same surprisingly opaque effect as the frosted glass on its hideous bottle. Light Blue is a dense, powdery citrus fragrance that subtly hints at apple (unlike perfumes like DKNY Be Delicious, which scream “APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE BOTTOM JEANS BOOTS WITH THE FUR”).

There is something bizarrely peaty in the dry down. I don’t know how, but this combination of apples and earthiness somehow works. What is the secret to Light Blue’s success? It’s certainly not the bottle, which looks like a brick from a very ugly house. It’s not the relatively unexceptional marketing. For once, we have a perfume  that succeeded because of what was inside of the bottle. And for that, I wish Light Blue many more years on the bestseller’s list.

Why Haven’t You Started The Top 20 Project Yet?

I have been getting this question everywhere! The answer is this: I envisioned the Top 20 project as an investigation into why the top 20 bestselling perfumes of 2011 were so successful, and who exactly is buying them. For this purpose, I have recruited 10 Pi Phis (bribed with the promise of perfume samples and snacks) to give me their opinions on these 20 perfumes. Our first meeting is on Friday, and therefore my reviews will start on Monday. In the meantime, The Muse In Wooden Shoes and No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 have a head start on me! Please click on their names to read their reviews. Remember that absolutely anyone who wants to participate is welcome to, except for Woody Allen.