Amouage Interlude Man

Hellboy is my very favorite superhero, based entirely on his endearing grumpiness and his affection for cats.

Since I’m a perfume blogger, I often wonder what my favorite characters would smell like. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has gone on the record as stating that Hellboy is supposed to smell like “dry-roasted peanuts”. Black Alchemy Phoenix Lab has a Hellboy fragrance, with alleged notes of “aftershave, candy wrappers, brimstone, and cat”, but that delightful concept ultimately didn’t translate into a wearable scent for me. Now, I know that Hellboy would never actually wear anything as extravagant as Amouage Interlude Man (you just know he’s an Old Spice guy), but it’s honestly the perfect fragrance for him.

Interlude Man opens with a hot burst of charred wood. This goes way beyond mere smokiness; we’re talking straight-up fire. The frankincense top note creates the distinct impression that the source of the fire is a forest of pine trees. After about twenty thrillingly dramatic minutes on the skin, Interlude Man continues to smolder, but it’s softened somewhat by a subtle leather note and the sweetness of myrrh. It’s actually sweet enough that several friends expressed surprise when I told them that it was a men’s fragrance. Despite being classified as a masculine, I feel strongly that Interlude Man is appropriate for fierce, brazen people of any gender. That being said, if I ever did happen to smell this ferociously sexy brew on a man, I would be all over him like Hellboy on a Baby Ruth.

I usually try to keep a safe distance from the Amouage line, because I very literally cannot afford to fall in love with them. But I will grudgingly admit that Interlude Man is worth the price. This is a truly exciting fragrance, and I want y’all to be able to try it! So I’m giving away a sample of Amouage Interlude Man (oh, hell, I’ll throw in the Interlude Woman too). Just leave a comment telling us your favorite Amouage fragrance(s) to be entered to win the samples.