Indult Tihota


I’ve always been a little skeptical about claims of musk anosmia. A Google search produces far more anecdotes than studies. But with Beyonce as my witness, I cannot smell Indult Tihota after the first ten minutes. I can smell the thick, foody vanilla extract top notes just fine, but then I put my nose to my wrist and smellĀ nothing. The only notes that Luckyscent provides for Tihota are vanilla and “musks”, so I’m forced to conclude that one or more of these musks is standing between me and Tihota. The weirdest part is that I have no issues smelling perfumer Francis Kurkdjian’s other musk-heavy fragrances, like Aqua Universalis Forte and Narcisco Rodriguez For Her. Really and truly bizarre.

This is obviously not much of a review, but I wanted to write about Tihota because I’m hoping that one of you readers can tell me what it actually smells like! I also wanted to praise Indult for being one of the very few niche perfume brands right now to lower their prices (from $225 to $200) rather than raising them. Parfums MDCI also deserves a shoutout after lowering their prices from $265 to $250 and below, depending on the fragrance. TAKE NOTE, KILIAN/AMOUAGE/GODDAMN EVERYBODY.