B. Balenciaga


Turns out the fastest way to bring a perfume blogger out of Salinger-esque reclusion is to release “the first perfume with an edamame note.” Let’s get this out of the way: B. sounds more interesting than it smells. It’s a perfectly pretty, nicer-than-most mainstream fragrance that does not smell like soybeans. At all. I guess the cool greenness of the top notes could evoke a pile of crisp edamame pods, but it’s definitely a power of suggestion situation.

Instead of soybeans, B. has a refreshing violet leaf opening before sweetening into a sparkling blue cotton candy fragrance. Think Philosophy Falling In Love or Trish McEvoy No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk. At $110 for 50 ml, B. is significantly more expensive than either, but it does come in a $25 rollerball. I suspect you’re mostly paying for the sillier-in-person bottle, which Fragantica assures me is “very elegant and artistic”. I think I still prefer the original Balenciaga Paris (currently 10% off at Nordstrom!) for my cool, green Balenciaga fix.

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