Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig

The prettiest girl that I know wears Ralph Lauren Hot. I bought her the bottle years ago, and whenever I hug her I am touched to discover that she still wears it. Hot is the only Ralph Lauren scent currently on the market that I enjoy in any way. I’m actually quite surprised that Ralph Lauren, a house known mostly for shampoo-type clean florals at this point, could produce such a delicious gourmand.┬áHot smells like my dream breakfast: cinnamon and sugar embedded in a pile of french toast, topped with a healthy dose of maple syrup. Hot is extremely sweet and will horrify anyone who does not have a high gourmand tolerance.

Hot is very reasonably priced ($65 for a 3.4 ounce bottle), but seeing as I am very rarely in the mood to wear my breakfast as fragrance, I personally could not justify the cost. Enter Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig, which was all of $4 for 8 ounces of the body spray during their terrific Semi-Annual sale. Brown Sugar and Fig is very pleasurable and very, very close to Hot, with the key difference being its strength/intensity. BSAF is not quite as strong as Hot, which is actually kind of a blessing; Hot can be rather overwhelming at times. I only recently discovered Bath and Body Works, and have really been quite impressed by their offering, especially BSAF, White Tea and Ginger, Butterfly Flower, and Velvet Tuberose. You just cannot beat the prices.