Dailies 07/24/14

Daily Fragrance: Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Mokha. My all-time favorite CSP scent. The drydown is a basic, overly sweet vanilla, but the opening is the most realistic freshly-ground-coffee-beans accord I’ve ever smelled in a perfume. It’s discontinued, because of course it is.

Daily Body Product: Dylan’s Candy Bar Chocolate Cupcake Body Cream. Another discontinued beauty. Dangerously close to the smell and texture of Pillsbury chocolate frosting. Someday I will accidentally spread it on cupcakes.

Daily Bobblehead: Marceline The Vampire Queen. I’m visiting my parents in Maryland, where I keep my surprisingly extensive bobblehead collection. Marceline is Adventure Time’s sassiest vampire. I feel like we haven’t had a Marceline episode in forever, you guys.

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