Coty L’Origan

I’ve always lived in Maryland, and I’ve always liked Baltimore. It’s a friendly city, and I like being able to take the bus down to the National Aquarium and do my studying next to the dolphin tank. Baltimore is not without its faults, of course: the perfume shopping is abysmal. Nordstrom is as upscale as we get here. That’s why I was so surprised to hit vintage perfume gold in a tiny Baltimore thrift store the other day.

Among my finds was a bottle of Coty L’Origan, which Jacques Guerlain allegedly ripped off for his fragrance Guerlain L’Heure Bleue. There’s a definite resemblance between them, although I find L’Origan to be much closer to Guerlain’s Apres L’Ondee. Like Apres L’Ondee, L’Origan is an unbearably pretty violet-and-heliotrope fragrance that is much better suited to modern tastes than L’Heure Bleue. L’Origan is soft and candy-sweet, and has received favorable responses from the Perfume Muggles (this simply does not happen with my fancy-shmancy perfumes). I would definitely recommend L’Origan to fans of the old-school Guerlains, but the interwebz tells me that L’Origan has been reformulated and that the current formula is nigh-unrecognizable. If you chance upon an older bottle, snap it up.