Diane von Furstenberg Diane

God bless Diane von Furstenberg. I swear the woman doesn’t have a conventional bone in her body. Even in her early modeling days, when she looked like a befreckled Hedi Lamar, she never quite fit the beauty mold. This year, she showed up to a Woman’s Wear Daily photo shoot with a broken nose. That picture (shown above) sent such a powerful message: I will not go away just because I am no longer a hot 21 year-old. And now she comes out with this perfume. A perfume that goes against every single current fragrance trend, that will undoubtedly be a complete commercial flop. DVF, you are a delight. I’m proud to say you designed my prom dress.

God help me, I WILL find an excuse to wear this dress again. Can we have a perfume blogger prom, y’all? I’ll spike the punch. 

DVF’s new perfume has quite a bit in common with its namesake. It is alluring, but its allure is most likely too subtle for the masses. In a sea of oversexed pink patchouli perfumes, Diane is a demure oasis. Diane is a very prim and powdery violet fragrance. This violet note mingles nicely with some sweet pea in the background (and for me to say that means that the sweet pea is very nice indeed, because I have lingering middle school sweet pea-related trauma from Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea). Diane is resolutely old-fashioned, even outdated, and I adore it for that. If you find Diane as appealing as I do, buy it now. I give it six months before it’s replaced by yet another pink patchouli.