Dior Addict to Life

You could be forgiven for assuming that Dior Addict to Life would be an acceptable-if-unremarkable fragrance in the style of the first Dior Addict flanker, Dior Addict 2. You would, however, be wrong. Dior Addict to Life is indeed remarkable; I haven’t smelled such a remarkably disagreeable perfume since Estee Lauder Gold. Addict to Life has quite a bit in common with EL Gold, actually. The unidentifiable-yet-offensive florals; the same¬†boozy, slightly rancid vibe that suggests that the fragrance may have gone a bit off. This is a hot mess of a perfume. I am truly baffled by the Sephora.com reviews, which call it “fresh” and “light”. It’s about as light as Chris Farley, God bless him.

A Chris Farley reference is more than this perfume deserves. Loved you in Airheads, honey.

Perhaps Dior overlooked Addict to Life in favor of their new exclusive fragrance line, but there’s honestly no excuse for this. I would have to be addicted to something a lot stronger than Life to find this perfume enjoyable.