Molinard Miss Habanita

Miss Habanita: for the 12 year olds who found Miss Dior Cherie to be an “old lady perfume”.

Miss Habanita is actually very much in the Miss Dior Cherie tradition. Start with a beloved, classic perfume. Decide that this already perfectly good perfume needs a “youthful” makeover. Create a “modern” version that smells like strawberries and has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the original. Discontinue and/or reformulate the hell out of the original. Voila!

Although I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, Miss Habanita is a good deal less sophisticated than Miss Dior Cherie (although I have heard that Miss Dior Cherie has been reformulated recently). While Miss Dior Cherie had at least two different notes (strawberries and something sweet that wasn’t a strawberry), Miss Habanita merely smells like a scented Strawberry Shortcake doll. It’s actually kind of funny, in a way. Molinard has taken our obsession with youth (eye creams, serums, moisturizers made from stem cells … DO YOU HATE YOURSELF YET?? PLEASE HATE YOURSELF SO THAT YOU’LL BUY OUR PRODUCTS) to its logical conclusion. “The wimmenz want to smell young? Fine. Now you can smell like a five year-old. I hope you’re happy.”

That being said, I totally miss that Strawberry Shortcake doll.