DKNY Be Delicious

DKNY Be Delicious is an incredibly frustrating fragrance. Be Delicious begins as an effusive, joyful jumble of tart apple notes, unquestionably the work of the bombastic Maurice Roucel. It smells almost fluorescent, as if Roucel somehow managed to bottle the color lime green. 15 minutes later, this electrifying perfume suddenly runs out of things to say. From that point on, Be Delicious resembles nothing more than the smell of high-end shampoo. If Be Delicious could maintain its delightful zing for even 15 minutes more, I would buy a bottle and wear it every day. If we’re being honest, I might buy the smallest size anyway just to have that adorable apple around. I don’t usually fall for such blatant shtick, but apparently I am putty in the hands of anything resembling an apple.