Gucci Envy Me

A while back we discussed the concept of “pink sexy”. “Pink sexy” is undoubtedly the least threatening of the sexy schools of thought.

Why yes, there IS a school of sexy thought. Have you met our headmaster, Chris Pine?

“Pink sexy” is the breathy baby voice used by Paris Hilton and Marilyn Monroe. It’s Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, or Cher in Clueless. It’s a gaggle of giggling Victoria’s Secret models having a playful pillow fight. Those of you femme fatales who subscribe to a darker sort of sexy may be baffled by “pink sexy”, with its endless hair flipping and Bend-and-Snapping. It all seems a bit facile, a bit dumb blonde. It is also, I am sorry to report, lethally effective.

When used appropriately, the Bend and Snap has an 83% rate of return on a dinner invitation.

Gucci Envy Me is just the sort of perfume that a proponent of “pink sexy” would spray in her hair for occasions that demand especially mesmerizing hair flips. Envy Me features pink pepper, pink musk, and a predictably pink bottle- it don’t get much pinker than this. The pink pepper and peony notes dominate, making Envy Me a vivacious, if somewhat high-pitched, fragrance. Fruity-floral perfumes in pink bottles are in no short supply, but Envy Me blessedly skews tart, eschewing the overwhelming sweetness found in most of its counterparts. I wouldn’t complain a bit if the Pink Sugar crowd could be convinced to switch over to Envy Me.