Donna Karan Gold

Pity poor Donna Karan. Much like Marilyn Monroe’s desire to be a serious actress was quashed by the public demand for more dumb blonde roles, Donna Karan’s apparent desire to create interesting, unconventional scents has been supressed by the public demand for no-brainers like Cashmere Mist and Be Delicious. Despite its gorgeous bottle, Gold lasted for all of a year before being discontinued.

Gold is not a straight lily, like Dior Diorissimo is/was. Instead, Gold pairs a strange smokiness with its creamy lily note. In Perfumes The Guide, Tania Sanchez identifies that smokiness as “the smoky, brined scent of Easter Ham”. Unfortunately, being a Jew who has never tried ham, I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of this statement. I will, however, express my disappointment that Gold was taken off the market. Most lily fragrances are rather virginal affairs, but Gold’s smokiness gave it a more worldly vibe. Alas, Gold was not long for this world, although I frequently see it at TJ Maxx these days.