Stop By For Christmas!


Merry Christmas, y’all! I am one of those lucky Jews who gets to celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, thanks to my (very) lapsed Catholic relatives. Please drop by anytime during the next few days with any fragrance-related Christmas news: what perfumes you’re wearing, or any perfume presents that you’ve given or gotten!

My present request this year is not a perfume (I want a Nintendo 3DS SO BAD YOU GUYS), but I’ve been selling off some perfumes in preparation for gifting myself the Frederic Malle Women’s Coffret. I’m not still sure what perfume I’ll be wearing for Christmas itself, but yesterday I chose Andy Tauer Lys du Desert to visit this awesome zoo called The Living Desert, because I am almost frighteningly literal. I found it immediately likable, and the amber drydown is virtually perfect.

I can’t wait to hear about your Christmases!