My dearest readers, I regret to inform you that today marks the end of Scents of Self. As I was scrolling through the Kai website’s hilariously tacky list of allegedly Kai-wearing celebrities, I discovered that luscious R&B singer Usher calls Kai “his favorite scent on a woman”. In a gesture of dedication to my boo, I will now be adopting Kai as my signature scent. No other non-Usher-sanctioned perfumes will touch my skin from this day forth. I will miss you all terribly. Please understand: I did it for Usher, y’all. I did it for Usher.

Please, like you could say no to those abs.

Ahem. I found my bottle of Kai Body Glow in its natural environment: a little beach shop on a gloriously warm afternoon in Florida. Please note that the body glow is said to be less sharp than the oil and eau de parfum formulations, which I have not tried. Kai combines the vegetal greenness of a freshly-cut stem with a lush bouquet of gardenias and lilies. It feels more natural than the buttery, sweeter gardenia of Monyette Paris, another niche gardenia perfume to which it is often compared.

Kai is not a complex or intellectual perfume. Its charm is its accessiblity. You don’t have to have studied under Roudnitska for five years to understand its appeal. Kai is an attractive, joyful scent meant to be worn on bright days at the beach or the park. Or on steamy nights with Usher. CALL ME, USHER. WE BOTH KNOW THAT YOU HAVEN’T HAD A CAREER SINCE LIKE 2008.