Should Women Smell Interesting?


The title for this post comes from a Lady Gaga interview about her perfume, Fame, in which she endeared herself to perfume lovers everywhere by proclaiming, “I wanted [Fame] to smell slutty, to be totally honest. I don’t think that women need to smell, you know, interesting. I have an interesting mind, but I wanted to smell like a slut.” (I am only too happy to assure her that I find Fame deeply uninteresting.)

I feel the same way about slutty perfumes as I do about slutty behavior: if it makes you happy, then get it guuuuurrrll. You crazy kids can do whatever you want as long as it’s with consenting, of-age partners. However, as important as sexuality is, I just can’t bring myself to call it more important than having an interesting mind. I guess I would argue that while women don’t need to smell interesting, we certainly need the option to be there. Gaga is welcome to wear her fruit punch perfume as long as I get to keep my Dzing! and OJ Woman. Why perpetuate this perfume Madonna/whore complex, anyway? Are we really going to front like sluttiness and an interesting mind cannot happily coexist? (Tell it to Hedy Lamarr, Gaga.)

So I turn the question over to you, gentle readers: should women smell interesting? How interesting do you want to smell?