Laura Mercier Violette

Y’all know that I love me a good violet.

This isn’t a good violet.

Laura Mercier Violette was recently discontinued, and with good reason: it is unpleasant, obnoxious and vulgar. It’s not even particularly violet-y! The strongest note in Violette is raspberry. Frankly, I don’t know if raspberry has ever really been used successfully in perfume (please feel free to indignantly call me out if I am wrong), and this raspberry note is certainly no exception. It is loud, overly synthetic, and totally overwhelms the small amount of violet that is present at the beginning. I could never have imagined saying such a thing, but this fragrance makes me miss Guerlain Insolence. Insolence struck a better balance between raspberry and violet.

You are likely to find Laura Mercier Violette at discounters, as I did, but even at a discounted price this isn’t worth it. It’s one of the least enjoyable fruity florals that I have ever smelled.