Lavanila Vanilla Blackberry

I haven’t been particularly impressed with the Lavanila line for a few reasons: their scents are mostly boring and overpriced, and purposely misspelled words are very upsetting to me. Vanilla Blackberry isn’t going to overturn my prejudice towards misspelled words anytime soon, but I did find it surprisingly enjoyable.¬†Vanilla Blackberry is a fun, summery scent.¬†Blackberry notes in perfume have not yet become as ubiquitous as some of its other berry brethren (raspberries, strawberries, etc.), so there was a certain level of surprise upon smelling this fragrance. Blackberry is by far the most prominent note in Vanilla Blackberry. The vanilla is more of a presence than a smell, adding warmth to the fragrance. It’s still overpriced, of course, but if you put a bottle of Fracas to my head and made me choose a Lavanila fragrance, this might be the one.