Guerlain Meteorites

Yesterday we discussed My Insolence, an unfortunate example of When Guerlain Goes Wrong. Today I have the happier task of reviewing a a perfume where Guerlain got it right, the sadly discontinued Meteorites. I suspect that might have had something to do with the fact that the bottle most closely resembles a bottle of nail polish. Seriously, I keep mistaking it for a topcoat.

Meteorites is meant to be an amplification of the fragrance found in Guerlain’s famously violet-infused Meteorites face powder. The scent is not quite the same- Meteorites perfume has a chilly touch of iris that is altogether absent from the face powder- but Guerlain did succeed in evoking the spirit of these indecently luxurious, glistening pearls.

Despite having been released as recently as 2000, Meteorites’ notes of violet, iris and heliotrope give it a charmingly old-fashioned character. Some don’t consider “old-fashioned” to be a desirable quality in a perfume, but to me this sweetly musty violet scent speaks of glamour. Red tubes of lipstick, an oversized powder puff, crystal vases brimming with calla lilies. Meteorites is a deeply feminine perfume, just the girlish beauty that I had mistakenly believed My Insolence to be. To be worn with bright pink lipstick and the flirtatious cherry-studded sundress Marilyn Monroe wore in The Misfits.