Michael Kors Michael

In one of their harshest reviews, Perfumes: The Guide declares Michael Kors Michael to be “one of the worst ever”. This is why the allegedly “hair-singeing” Michael has sat in my little plastic baggy of samples, unreviewed, for a good year now. Having smelled Michael first from the safety of paper strips, and now on skin, I can safely say that I have no idea whatsoever what Turin and Sanchez were on about. Michael is a perfectly pleasant tuberose fragrance, a more floral and less aquatic version of the original Marc Jacobs perfume. Kim Kardashian is reportedly a Michael lover, and its influence is quite obvious in the tuberose fragrance that she released last year.

Oh, y’all will be happy to know that I no longer feel that Kim Kardashian isĀ destroying feminism. These days I see her as something of a bastion of racial and body type diversity in an industry where such diversity is sorely lacking. If we must have trashy reality TV stars, let them at least expand our astoundingly narrow definition of beauty.