Montale Chocolate Greedy

It seemed only appropriate to review a chocolate-scented perfume for the day after Valentine’s Day, which many of us are no doubt spending in a chocolate coma. (I myself am currently in a Japanese barbecue coma, but you would be shocked by how few Japanese barbecue-scented perfumes there are. It is a scandal, I say.) Montale Chocolate Greedy initially smells almost exactly like a chocolate wafer; you can almost hear the crunch of the flaky wafer crust. Within five minutes, however, it quiets down significantly, and spends the rest of its lifespan (which is not very long) smelling of some indistinguishable powdered chocolate. To its credit, Chocolate Greedy stays on the bearable side of sweet. Chocolate Greedy is a fun and attractive chocolate fragrance. However, I consider the price ($110 for 50 ml) to be too high for a merely “fun” perfume. Can anyone recommend some more reasonably priced chocolate fragrances?