Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune

AA Pamplelune is a vibrant, acidic grapefruit fragrance with those herbaceous Guerlain underpinnings. Grapefruits are my favorite citrus fruit, and Pamplelune is the most accurate and enjoyable rendition of a grapefruit that I have ever come across. Its energizing and uplifting properties would make it an ideal summer scent, but for one little problem: I am afraid to wear it out of the house. Makeup Alley reviewers repeatedly declare that Pamplelune smells of “cat pee” and “body odor”. One review even states, “I personally loved the smell of this going on me… [but] it is clearly perceived as B.O. by others.” I am legitimately puzzled. How could such a gorgeous grapefruit scent inspire such revulsion? Does the same perfume that makes me feel happy and alert really remind others of a litter box desperately in need of cleaning? I would definitely still recommend Pamplelune, but obviously you wear it at your own risk.

As the (somewhat reluctant) owner of a turtle, I have to say that I’m not even really sure what “cat pee” smells like. Can anyone comment on whether Pamplelune is indeed urinous?