Feeling Nosy? Check out my Nosy Girl interview!

Nosy Girl has the most spectacularly simple concept. Elizabeth asks each of her interview subjects just two questions: what do you smell like? What do you like to smell? (Was there ever a blog so ripe for a book deal?) I am delighted to announce that my own Nosy Girl interview was posted today! This is probably the closest I will ever get to being famous, so please check it out!

What kind of perfume blogs do you prefer?

It occurred to me the other day that I am not a particularly good perfume blogger. Don’t cry for me, Argentina- I’m super proud of this blog, and I think that I generally do a good job with it. The reason that I don’t consider myself much of a perfume blogger is because I’m not very good at describing how perfumes smell. Most of my reviews contain, at best, two or three lines about the actual smell of a given perfume. And this isn’t a quality-over-quantity thing, because those two or three lines are usually something to the extent of, “Oh yeah, and it smells like strawberries.” This definitely isn’t the first (or tenth) blog you’d check if you were looking for accurate, detailed perfume descriptions. My descriptions of perfume are all about how they make me feel, what memories and associations they evoke for me.

All of this navel-gazing got me to wondering: what kind of perfume blogs do you prefer to read? Are you looking for hard-hitting analysis or perfume-related anecdotes? Or, if you’re a perfume blogger yourself, what kind of perfume blogger do you try to be? My reading list encompasses a bit of both, I think. I’m so thankful for the perfume bloggers who are better at describing smells than me (such as the astonishingly detailed Elena of Perfume Shrine), but I also love reading more personal discussions of perfume (Meg at Parf├╝mieren is my favorite scented storyteller).