How Has Your Perfume Collection Changed?

Current collection plus bonus shelfie.
Current collection plus bonus shelfie.

According to a piece I wrote for Perfume Posse called “How Balanced Is Your Perfume Wardrobe?”, my perfume collection consisted of 24 bottles as of June 2012. By the time I was packing up to move from Maryland to New York this October, that number had swelled to 34; 18 perfumes stand before me as I type this. (But only 17 will go on to become America’s Next Top Model.)

2012 collection
Current collection. Lose ten perfumes in one month with this one weird trick!
Current collection. Lose ten perfumes in one month with this one weird trick!

Content-wise, my collection is a bit more personal now. I sold off most of the impulse purchases (TokyoMilks are so impulse purchase-priced, aren’t they?), and stored the vintage perfumes that I just wasn’t wearing on a regular basis. Every one of the remaining bottles is a perfume that I love and wear enough to justify its presence. As a result, I am proud to announce that my collection has gotten even more monotonous! In the Perfume Posse post, I calculated that 58% of my collection could be classified* as Orientals; that percentage is now 72%.

Do you have any regrets about how your collection has changed? I miss my bottle of Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose. I sold it because a man told me that it smelled like towels, but he was later arrested for nine counts of child pornography distribution, sooooo. Never trust a man who doesn’t like Lipstick Rose, ladies.

What are your upcoming plans for your perfume collection? Please share with us in the comments!

* Using the Michael Edwards Fragrances of the World classifications.

A Humble Offering

Hello, gentle readers! As you may have noticed, I have not had time for posting this week (I have three finals between now and Friday!) Today will be no different. Instead, I humbly offer you this picture of Zelda silently judging my perfume collection. See you on Monday!

Size Matters

I own 32 bottles of perfume. I’ve always considered my collection to be perfectly respectable, size-wise; it’s certainly big enough to freak out non-perfumistas (“Is… is that a refrigerator? For your perfumes?”).

It’s more of a mini-fridge, really. Bonkers About Perfume has two, I swear!

This delusion was quickly shattered upon visiting Judith of The Unseen Censer, who graciously hosted me overnight so that I could go to Sniffapalooza. In addition to meeting Judith’s delightful family and the famous Harleycat, I also got to see a real perfume collection. Judith has three large dresser drawers dedicated to perfumes. Then there were the perfumes on top of the dresser. Then there were the perfumes under the bed. Then there were the perfumes in the bathroom. Around the time that Judith started pulling out her vintage Amouages (WITH THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING), I suddenly understood that my collection is actually pathetically puny compared to some of my perfume peers.


So today, let’s talk about size and whether it matters. How big is your perfume collection? Are you happy with that number? Are you looking to expand or downsize? Despite its puniness, my collection is actually too full at the moment (I currently have six perfumes that I never, ever wear). I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to achieve anything approaching the glory of Judith’s collection, but I’ll try my best to catch up. It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it!