Presidential Perfumes

This was supposed to be a TOTALLY NEUTRAL and light-hearted discussion of both presidential candidates’ fragrance choices in an attempt to encourage y’all to get out and vote, but now it’s totally skewed because I was able to find perfume info for both Barack and Michelle and couldn’t find a thing for Mitt or Ann. Because apparently you’re not supposed to ask prominent politicians what they smell like, I guess?

(Aside: I once asked Jenny Lawson what perfume she wears at her book reading. I figured that, as The Bloggess, she would want to support me in my blogging endeavors. She seemed pretty weirded out, especially for someone with such an extensive taxidermy collection, but she very graciously answered that while she does not wear perfume, she does wear Teen Spirit deodorant. Jenny, if you ever do happen to develop an interest in perfume, I’ll hook you up with some Andy Tauer faster than you can say “Who let this creeper into my book reading?”)

So here are my (reluctantly!) biased findings: President Obama wears Brut. The First Lady wears three fragrances from niche British line Boedicia the Victorious: Noble, Divine, and Delicate. Creed claims that she also wears Love in White, but there’s no telling whether she actually wears the bottle they sent to the White House. (Laura Bush got one, too.)

What perfume will y’all be wearing while you vote today? (Non-American readers, you’re still allowed to answer!) Or, what fragrances would you assign to this election’s main players? Please note that while I will cautiously allow political discussion in the comments, there will be NO DISSING of other readers. Everyone be good!