Bath and Body Works Rice Flower and Shea

I snapped this baby up for $3 at the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale. B&BW has a nasty habit of discontinuing its classic fragrances in favor of its illustrious newer scents. You know, the generically fruity ones with names like Dark Kiss Fresh Berry Twilight Edward Bella Cherry Blossom. Rice Flower and Shea is a creamy, sweet scent without much sugar, if that makes sense. It is sedate rather than sparkling. Rice Flower and Shea does indeed smell something like sweetened shea butter, complete with the plasticky undertones that can sometimes be detected in shea butter. If I had to guess, I would say that Rice Flower and Shea was discontinued because it was rendered superfluous by B&BW Warm Vanilla Sugar. They are very similar to each other (and, suspiciously, to Kenzo Amour), but the perkier Warm Vanilla Sugar is more in line with the current trend for fragrances sugary enough to induce diabetes.