Guerlain Jicky

My favorite book of all time, Simon Doonan’s Eccentric Glamour, begins: “Why the hell wouldn’t you want to be one of the fabulous people, the life enhancers, the people who look interesting and smell luscious and dare to be gorgeously more fascinating than their neighbors?” Spray on a bit of Jicky, and you’ll find yourself instantly transformed into one of those luscious-smelling life enhancers. People will smile and laugh spontaneously as they pass you on the street (in a good way, I swear).

Jicky has been worn by the eccentrically glamorous since 1889, beloved by everyone from Sarah Bernhart to Sean Connery to the High Priestess of Divahood, Joan Collins. Not only is Joan Collins still as hot as all hell at age 77,

No, seriously, what unholy force is she in leagues with and HOW CAN I GET IN ON IT

but she’s also one of a select group of truly glamorous women (including Nichelle Nichols, Iman, Kim Catrall, and Vanessa Williams) who had cameos in Star Trek. Oh, Joan, why did your pacifist values have to contribute to American isolationism in World War II, contributing to German victory and ultimately condemning you to death??

BEST COUPLE EVER. Too bad you’re about to get hit by a car.

ANYWAY, Jicky opens with sparkling, vivacious topnotes of lemon and bergamot, and then deepens into a beautiful combination of lavender and that gorgeous, smoky Guerlain vanilla. Bergdorf Goodman lists the notes as: Lavender, rosemary, bergamot, rose, fern harmony, tonka bean, woody notes, vanilla, and opoponax. I loved Jicky from the moment I put it on. Despite being the oldest fragrance in continuous production in the world, Jicky feels shockingly modern. It could have been released just last week, if companies were still producing anything even vaguely resembling Jicky’s quality.

Jicky embodies both the joyful innocence of a child and the full-grown sensuality of a woman. Do not wear Jicky around those “men” (more like perpetual frat boys) who believe that a woman “goes downhill” after age 23; its charms will be lost on them. Jicky is for those who appreciate the Joan Collins of the world, who understand that a woman’s sex appeal only grows stronger with the passing of time. After all, Jicky just turned 121, and she’s still putting those nubile Escadas and Aquolinas to shame.

Disclaimer: I tested the EDT formulation of Jicky at Neiman Marcus. Jicky is available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Guerlain boutiques.

Oscars Fashion

Oh, y’all. I don’t know who spiked the Oscars Punch this year- although my money is on J.Lo, mostly because that just seems like something that she would do- but an unusually high percentage of these outfits are CRUGLY. Crugly being a combination of the words “crazy” and “ugly”, or possibly “crunk” and “ugly”, since crunkeness (itself a combination of “crazy” and “drunk”) would certainly explain a lot. Oscars Punch is, of course, the traditional beverage of the Oscars: one part tequila, one part last year’s losers’ tears).

Speaking of Jenny from the Block, let’s start with her.

I personally think that J.Lo is rocking this white concoction, even if it does seem a little bridal. Demi Moore, not so much. But mostly I just think it’s hilarious that they’re posing together.

“Sooo… how do you deal with having lost all relevance about 10 years ago?”

“Oh, I married that douche from Punk’d. You know, the one who’s 15 years younger than me. You?”

“Well, I have a massively-successful-despite-being-kinda-mediocre perfume line. Also, I feel like I might have had twins at some point.”


Charlize Theron, honey, as much as I’m sure Georgia O’Keefe appreciates your touching homage, her flowers actually represented a different part of the female anatomy.

Cameron Diaz, this is the best you’ve looked since that unfortunate breakup with Justin Timberlake. Look on the bright side, sweetie: you look absurdly hot, and he has to deal with Jessica Biel’s whiny ass.

Live long and prosper, Zoe Saldana. I mean, your dress is clearly a loving tribute to the classic Star Trek episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles”, right?

Because otherwise, it’s pretty heinous.

I guess Regina George decided to try Sears after all.

So this oompah-loompah-with-implants is your mother, Miley Cyrus? Well, that explains a lot. You know what? Just forget all of those things I said about you being a terrible role model. You’ve got it tough, kid.

Mariah, remember all of those times that I begged you to start dressing your damn age (40)? This is not really what I had in mind. Still, I cannot fault your gift for finding dresses that manage to be both somewhat baggy and incredibly inappropriate.

Oh, Diane Kruger. And you’re usually so stylish! The best thing that I can say about this dress is that it’s not this:

I, umm, well, wow. This is a sack. A shiny, satin sack. This would be unbelievably unflattering on any woman with anything resembling a real body. Oh haiii, Halston! How are y’all feeling about the fact that you just made Sarah Jessica Parker here your new creative director? Should be a blast!

Tina Fey, you please me greatly. Your dress looks fantastic, and although I’m not really sure how well the Snooki poof works on you, I know that Snookums appreciates the sentiment. Work it, lady.

If you are like me, you were eagerly anticipating Gabourey Sidibe’s Oscar dress. Nobody gets more excited than me to see a talented black woman succeed. It’s certainly not terrible, not like Jennifer Hudson’s overwhelmingly underwhelming brown-dress-and-bolero ensemble, nor is it particularly exciting. I like the color, could do without the flowers.

Yes, Penelope Cruz, you look great, the color is very flattering, who does your makeup, blah blah blah. You are stuck in a RUT, lady. All you ever wear anymore are these grand dame style dresses, fitted at the top with a dramatic bottom half. Mix it up! Also, do you drink unicorn’s blood? Because that is some unearthly facial radiance.

Kate Winslet, you are divine. It almost looks like you are wearing a jumpsuit, but I’m almost positive that’s just the angle of the picture. I’m pretty sure that you’re married, but if you ever decide to make the world’s prettiest babies with Leo, I don’t think anyone would object.

Okay, I’m calling it: best dressed of the night. Meryl Streep, you are a goddess. Show these whippersnappers how it is DONE.

Golden Globes Beauty/Why Kate Hudson Needs To Stop

In my heart, I have always believed that the Golden Globes are completely superfluous. I mean, we already have the Oscars, you know? But I will not let my personal beliefs stand in the way of reviewing the looks from last night, dear readers. I would never do that to you.

First up is Christina Aguilera. Now, I do feel that the liner on her lower lashline is too thick. But OH MY GOD is this a massive improvement. Y’all, remember the Stripped days? Some of Christina’s best music (“Beautiful”, “Dirrty”) was on the Stripped album, but she was also going through that really weird phase where she talked a lot about how she had been abused by her father, and it was really clear that underneath her insanely over-the-top sexuality were some pretty intense daddy issues, and that was sort of uncomfortable for everyone involved. Also, she dressed like she worked at a strip club that was located in a dumpster.

The skankiness of Stripped-era Christina was such that Snooki, the impossibly trashy-yet-delightful midget from MTV’s Jersey Shore, is often compared to her. This is never, ever a good thing.

Snooki. I do see the resemblance, but I think it’s mostly the spray tan.

So while her makeup may not have been perfect at the Globes, I think that we can all agree that Christina is Most Improved 2010.

Next is Lindsay Lohan. I am not ashamed to admit my feelings for Lohan. I have loved her ever since Parent Trap. I loved her in that movie where Tyra Banks was a Barbie doll. When everyone said that she was a cokehead, I supported her. When she decided she was kind-of-but-not-really a lesbian, I supported her. Lindsay has rewarded my unflagging support by dying her gorgeous red hair a horrific shade of blonde, refusing to appear in an actual good movie, and generally acting a fool.

It’s common knowledge that Marilyn Monroe is Lindsay’s biggest role model, but I think that she emulates Marilyn for the wrong reasons (the drama, the drugs). That being said, it is very nice to see her out and about A) wearing a dress that fully covers her breasts, B) seemingly drug-free, C) smiling! and D) actually looking quite cute. Now just dye your hair back and we’re in business.

Halle Berry looks like her usual fabulous self. The woman simply does not age. Her eye makeup is a bit dark for my tastes.

Actress and comedian Mo’nique. Disclaimer: I have not seen Precious, only the trailers. I have heard it is incredible and am dying to see it. Anyway, Mo’nique’s makeup is a good example of how lovely neutral colors can look on black women.

Amy Poehler is my very favorite female comedian. I like her even better than I like Tina Fey, which is a lot. She looks just beautiful, but the pink lips are all wrong for a red dress. Learn from her mistake, queridos.

Jennifer Aniston, you are aging supremely well. No one can argue with your makeup, which is a textbook example of how navy eyeliner can look really lovely with blue eyes. I do, however, take issue with your hair. It is messy. I understand that you have essentially been unemployed ever since Friends ended, and that might be kind of depressing, but you are still richer than I will ever be, so cheer up and brush your damn hair.

Zoe Saldana here played Uhura in the new Star Trek movie, which I have seen no less than 6 times because it is fantastic. My one complaint is that in this new version, Uhura is all into Spock, which is ridiculous because everyone knows that she confessed her feelings for Scotty in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I have no such complaints about Zoe’s makeup. She looks stunning, and I love those soft waves.

Calista Flockhart, Han Solo/Indiana Jones is holding your umbrella. He also appears to have his ear pierced, which is nothing short of awesome. Would it kill you to smile? I also think that you could have benefitted from some lipstick.

Every awards show, without fail, Heidi Klum wears an eyeshadow color that I think is too light and frosty for her skin tone. This time it’s not as bad as years past, and besides, she always looks so happy and smiley, unlike someone we know (AHEM, Calista Flockhart).

Okay, Kate Hudson. Your makeup is essentially fine, although your lipstick is too frosty and your forehead is a shade too orange. Your hair is also a bit brassy. HOWEVER. Your attitude is hideous. Your overly smug facial expression in this picture is what is commonly referred to as “bitchface”. It is all too obvious that you think that you’re the hottest thing in town. I have news for you, Kate Hudson. You are a cute girl, but you are a mediocre actress and there is no way in hell that you would be in any way famous if your mother wasn’t Goldie Hawn. You were by far the weakest link in the movie Nine. When Fergie, who isn’t even an actress, shows you up, it is probably time to go home.

Speaking of Fergie-Ferg, I can no longer hold my silence. Fergie looked very, very pretty last night. I never noticed how blue her eyes are; the gorgeous color of her dress really made them pop. But did she look happy? Far from it. Homegirl looked MISERABLE, not to mention way too skinny. Also, please observe this picture of her and her cheating scumbag of a husband.

I’m sorry, but if that’s not a fake smile I don’t know what is. You are better than this, Sarah Ferguson. You are famous for such musical masterpieces as “Where Is The Love”, “Boom Boom Pow”, “Let’s Get It Started”, “Pump It”, “My Humps”, and of course, “Fergalicious”. It actually blows my mind how many hits you have had. He is famous for “Win a Date with Todd Hamilton!” LEAVE HIS SORRY ASS.

You’re so right, Nicole Kidman. We should ALL be saluting, because your return to red hair is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. It looks absolutely stunning and so much more natural than that icky blonde. Can you please adopt Lindsay Lohan? I think you would be a great influence on her. Wouldn’t that be great, you guys? Nicole would gently but firmly push Lindsay to hone her acting craft, and she would finally live up to the potential that we always knew she had, and maybe in a few years she could star in Moulin Rouge 2: Christian and Satine Totally Had A Love Child or something along those lines. Also, I love the color of your dress.

In my opinion, Marion Cotillard had the most daring makeup of the night. It’s always a risk to focus more on the bottom lashline than the top. That soft blue eyeshadow is a very pretty color. Do I think that she would have looked even better if the top line had been equally thick? Yes, I do. But I cannot deny that she looks stunning and I applaud her for consistently taking risks in her makeup and fashion choices (although her fashion risk tonight was not quite as successful).

Again, I did not see Precious. But I have read several interviews of its star, Gabourey Sidibe, and I am astounded by her self-assurance and maturity. I was particularly delighted by this quote: “People trip over themselves to tell me I’m beautiful. It’s cute. It’s cute, but I’m not buying it. I’m beautiful now because you can buy a ticket to see me on a screen? I was beautiful before.”* PREACH, Gabourey. She is indeed beautiful, which is why I was so frustrated when I saw this picture of her. In no way does this dress do her justice. It reminds me of a Project Runway challenge where the designers had to dress ordinary women, and the whining was ENDLESS. Designers, if you don’t know how to design well for women over size zero, you are probably not a very good designer.

Julianne Moore, I love it when you wear emeralds. Maybe some lipstick next time? I am thinking MAC Brave Red.

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Olivia Wilde had the best makeup of the night. She looks incredibly sexy without a hint of sleaze. Fantastic eyeliner, great choice of lipcolor. Now if only I knew who she was.

Finally, I have compiled the pictures of all of the celebrities (Mariah Carey, Penelope Cruz, Leona Lewis) who might have looked fine if they hadn’t tanned themselves to a color that I believe Crayola calls “burnt sienna”. Queridos, I appreciate that these women are fake-tanning rather than actually tanning. Sun damage is the single greatest cause of damage to skin. I wear sunscreen every single day and I encourage all of you to do the same. But until fake-tanning technology has developed to the extent that the orange color is no longer an issue, just say no, queridos. Edit: Of these three, only Mariah would transfer over. You’ll just have to believe me that Leona Lewis was really, really orange.

* Gabourey Sidibe quote is from

All photos are from