EnVoyage Perfumes Zelda


“Inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, America’s first flapper and the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, ZELDA’s bright beginning, full heart, and dark base evoke the story of Zelda’s bright life and tragic descent into a final heart of darkness.”

En Voyage ZELDA didn’t convince me at first. Nothing about this subdued perfume reminded me of Zelda Fitzgerald, of her legendary vivacity (F. Scott declared her “the most charming person in the world”) or of the vibrant colors that she used in her distorted paintings. But En Voyage ZELDA does smell like the magnolia trees that line North Charles Street, where the Fitzgeralds lived in a small apartment during Zelda’s Baltimore hospitalizations. I used to stand beneath those trees every April, breathing in the thick aroma of the pastel blossoms and tugging at their rubbery petals. It does capture the soft curves of “Japanese Magnolias”, one of Zelda’s last paintings.


When it arrives, the earthy vanilla dry down blends beautifully with the creamy magnolia. The ZELDA bottle is enchanting, and the price is remarkably low for an indie fragrance. And when I offered my ZELDA-scented wrist to the feline Zelda, she enthusiastically licked it. Draw your own conclusions. (Then she bit me. Draw your own conclusions.)